B:SM. Mission and Values

Quality services

B:SM exists to meet the expectations of the public and its customers and those of Barcelona City Council, and to develop innovative management models that will be regarded as a benchmark for other cities.

Its activities are wide-ranging and cover a broad spectrum of services within the city, from transport to the management of key city landmarks, including Barcelona's famous Zoo, the historic Tibidabo Amusement Park, the Olympic Ring and the Forum.

B:SM thus plays an active role in the development of Barcelona, helping to improve the lives of its citizens and visitors, efficiently managing the services entrusted to it by Barcelona City Council, adding value and generating social and economic benefits within an ethical framework.

A municipal company with such a complex organisation and such varied activities can only be managed thanks to the human qualities and professionalism of all its employees. Their aim is to provide the public with the best possible service based on values that underlie how they think and work, and they are fully committed to a society which focuses on its citizens.

B:SM. Organisation

Providing quality public services.

The company Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (B:SM) was created by Barcelona City Council in late 2002 to provide services and manage city infrastructures ranging from transport to leisure facilities.

Its transport-related activities include the management of Barcelona's roadside parking spaces (Àrea Verda, or Green Zones), the network of municipal underground car parks (almost 30,000 spaces), the city's vehicle towing service, its municipal bicycle hire service (Bicing), and the Barcelona-Nord and Sant Andreu bus stations, helping to make Barcelona a more sustainable city.

The leisure facilities managed by B:SM include the Olympic Ring buildings (the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium and Palau Sant Jordi), the Barcelona Teatre Musical (BTM) venue, and the Forum and Montjuïc parks.

B:SM is also responsible for the running of the city's famous Tibidabo Amusement Park, through its subsidiary PATSA.

Over 2.6 million visitors enjoyed these leisure facilities last year.
B:SM also manages the Barcelona Zoo, which celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2012. The Zoo has three main areas of activity: conservation, education and research. It is also a place where the public can appreciate the natural world, as last year's over 1 million visitors would agree.